While October was pretty gloomy on the stock market, November did start to show some positive signs with the earning calendar in full swing.

With the state of the markets we are in, there is so much discount that it’s the best time to deploy money. If you don’t have money to add but can leverage your assets, maybe you borrow to invest which I started in October.

Stock Trades

Nothing happened on the trade front with the portfolio.

Year-to-Date Performance

I don’t usually spend time on this but seeing that my portfolio hit an all-time high last week, my picks must be different than the usual investor panicking …

These are the market YTD.

StockExposureYTD %COST10%26.78%MSFT9.77%53.26%AAPL9.38%42.27%ABBV7.28%-13.95%GOOGL7.18%49.88%TSE:TD7.15%-5.51%TSE:NA6.18%-3.69%TSE:ATD5.91%32.45%TSE:IFC5.85%7.30%TSE:RY4.56%-7.75TSE:VFV3.58%17.32%TSE:CNR3.61%-3.21%TXN3.45%-11.77%MA3.26%13.51%V2.92%18.06%TSE:BNS2.52%-10.37%AVGO2.39%69.14%TSE:T2.27%-8.00%

Portfolio Management

Discounted markets are usually an opportunity for shuffling your portfolio for the better. Some stocks are worth doubling down on, while you may need to move on from others.

My sector diversification probably doesn’t match yours. Nothing wrong with that but whatever model you have in mind, you can rethink it.

Dividend Income

My October 2023 dividend income is $3,579.

Here is what my dividend income has been and how I forecast future dividend income. 20.36% is the average dividend growth since 2010.

The dividend growth includes both new money, DRIP shares, and the dividend growth by the companies.

If you want high income, check out the corp account as this retirement account has a yield of 2.17% and is built to grow the value with dividend growth.