Reaching status with any airline often feels like an accomplishment: free upgrades, priority boarding, better-earning potential when it comes to miles and even free checked bags, the perks are aplenty. But achieving status often takes time (and many miles flown), so it’s wise to know the payoff before you put in all the effort.

From what’s included and how to get it to how much it’s worth, here’s everything you need to know if you’re considering chasing Frontier Airlines’ elite status.

What is elite status on Frontier?

Frontier offers three levels of elite status: 20K, 50K and 100K. You earn mostly by flying, so the more often you fly with Frontier, the quicker you’ll score status. Several practical benefits await when you do, like free seat selection and a free carry-on.

But don’t expect the elite benefits you’ll receive from non-budget airlines; Frontier doesn’t offer lounges or first class — just stretch seating with a few inches more legroom — so luxury upgrades aren’t available.

Elite levels at a glance

Here’s a quick overview of Frontier elite status levels and what each one offers.

Elite 20K

Estimated value: $400.

How many miles flown required to earn: 20,000 miles.

How many flight segments required to earn: 25 segments.

Estimated cost to earn: $2,400.

Best benefits: Family pooling with up to eight people, free carry-on, free seat assignment and waived award redemption fees.

Elite 50K

Estimated value: $1,087.50.

How many miles flown required to earn: 50,000 miles.

How many flight segments required to earn: 50 segments.

Estimated cost to earn: $6,000.

Best benefits: Family pooling with up to eight people, free carry-on, free seat assignment (including family seating) and 1.25x mileage multiplier.

Elite 100K

Estimated value: $2,650.00.

How many miles flown required to earn: 100,000 miles.

How many flight segments required to earn: 100 segments.

Estimated cost to earn: $12,000.

Best benefits: Family pooling with up to 8 people, free carry-on and checked bag, free seat assignment, 1.5x mileage multiplier, and family status in The Works Bundle.

How to get Frontier elite status

There are a few ways to earn Frontier elite status, most of which are by flying.


MyFrontier members can fly the required miles or segments for each level.

Required Miles

Required Flight Segments

Elite 20K


Elite 50K


Elite 100K


Spending on a credit card

The Frontier Airlines World Mastercard® lets you earn one Qualifying Mile for every dollar spent on the card. If you can’t fly 25 segments or 20,000 miles to achieve Elite 20K status, you can spend $20,000 on the card in a calendar year instead. After reaching that threshold, you will earn two miles per dollar through the rest of the calendar year (January-December).

While you can achieve elite status through spending on the Frontier Airlines World Mastercard® alone, we do find a combination of both flying and spending is probably the most achievable scenario for most travelers.

Elite status benefits

All tiers of Frontier elite status receive benefits like a free carry-on, seat assignment, and family pooling, plus last seat availability that allows you to book the last seat on the plane with miles. But only the upper tier offers benefits like a free checked bag.


Elite 20K

Elite 50K

Elite 100K


Seat assignment

Family pooling

Priority boarding

Waived redemption fees

Last seat availability

Stretch seating

At check-in.

Family seating

Discount Den membership

50% off.

Mileage multiplier


Checked bag

Family status (The Works Bundle)

You may wonder what some of these benefits are and what they mean for frequent travelers. So let’s take a closer look.

Family pooling

Only available to elite status members and Frontier Airlines World Mastercard® cardholders, family pooling lets MyFrontier members combine earned miles with up to eight friends or family members. This offers the opportunity to put small numbers of miles together to book an award flight sooner.

Stretch seating

A slight upgrade to the airline’s typical seats, Stretch Seating offers 5-7 extra inches of legroom, plus the option to recline. You’ll also get to deboard early and access in-flight service first.

Discount Den membership

This membership usually costs $59.99 annually. However, new members will have to pay $99 the first year, thanks to a $40 enrollment fee. Den membership is also available as a free benefit to Elite 100K members. It offers:

A handful of flights where kids can fly free (one per qualifying adult fare).

Exclusive access to the airline’s best fares.

The ability to book these low fares for up to nine people on your reservation.

The Works Bundle

Free for Elite 100K members, Family Status with The Works Bundle offers:

A free carry-on and checked bag.

Flight flexibility so you can change your plans sans change fees.

Seat selection so families can sit together.

The opportunity to board first.

100% refundable if you have to cancel your flight.

The Works Bundle typically costs extra for non-Elite 100K members.

How much is Frontier elite status worth?

According to  NerdWallet valuations, Frontier elite status isn’t the most valuable out there, with a rating of 2.3 out of 5 overall. But it still tops airlines like Southwest and Spirit, which fall at the bottom of the domestic airline list.

That’s primarily due to:

The lack of luxury benefits like lounge access, upgrades to first class and free flight changes.

The low earning rate once you achieve elite status and the low value of the benefits available.

Value of benefits

Cost to earn

Elite earning rate

Elite 20K


Elite 50K



Elite 100K



Frontier elite status, recapped

While the benefits for reaching Frontier elite status may not be outstanding, if you fly with the airline often, benefits like a free carry-on and seat selection, not to mention a free Discount Den Membership in Elite 100K, could still come in handy. And the fact that you can supplement miles flown with credit card spend makes status more achievable.

But overall, it’s not the most valuable or rewarding status if you’re striving to achieve status with an airline this year. Your efforts will go farther and you’ll get more with most other airlines.

Photo courtesy of Frontier Airlines.

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