Why Should You Choose a Standing Desk? 

There are plenty of reasons you might choose a standing desk over a sitting desk. Essentially, apart from being potentially more comfortable for some than standing desks, sitting desks have no real advantages over standing desks. Much of the standing desk vs sitting desk issue revolves around the health consequences of sitting too long, for example.

It has been scientifically proven that sitting too much is dangerous for your health. If you spend too much time sitting per day, you expose yourself to a much greater risk of a number of lifestyle illnesses. Sitting for long periods is a risk factor for conditions like diabetes and heart disease, and preventing these is much easier than treating them. 

Another advantage of using a standing desk is that it encourages you to work with much better posture. Maintaining proper posture is crucial in preventing chronic pain and stress on your body if you spend long stretches working behind your computer or at your desk. It is much more natural to do so when standing up.

Many users of standing desks find that their back pain is greatly reduced or even eliminated altogether. This is due to a range of factors, with one of them being that standing desks force your back and stomach muscles to work constantly. Over time, this strengthens them and allows them to support your body instead of overcompensating and using the wrong muscles.

Research has demonstrated that standing desks seriously boost productivity when compared to traditional desks. This is a key part of the standing desk vs office desk issue. Many employees find that they work faster at standing desks and are able to perform tasks more effectively and accurately. Given how easy it is to adjust to working at a standing desk, this is seriously impressive. 

Finally, standing desks may be a great way to lose weight while you work. This is because you can burn far more calories at a standing desk than you would sitting down throughout the day. If you’re interested in losing weight, you can use a standing desk to passively burn more calories while you work. Here are some different desk set ups that can help you find right one for you: