11 minutes ago
German industry in a sweat as heatwave dries up Rhine’s commercial traffic
1 hour ago
Roar of the live music crowd drowns out stadium income from sport | opinion
2 hours ago
Independent panel finds Peabody Trust overcharged leaseholders
13 minutes ago
Here’s Why Legalized Sports Betting In Massachusetts Is Already A Bust by @WillYakowicz Forbes photo
28 minutes ago
Some companies are making more efforts to combat meeting overload, especially those recurring weekly sync-ups, daily check-ins and sticky team stand-ups that never seem to fall off the calendar.
43 minutes ago
Bitcoin Blockchain Inspires Kenyan Electoral Board To Implement A Transparent Voting System Forbes photo
28 minutes ago
Retailer Canada Goose beat quarterly-results targets, with demand driven by higher-income customers undeterred by decades-high inflation
4 minutes ago
The disappearing Rhine river, a worsening energy crisis, and Russia's economic downturn.

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The UAE's crude oil and condensate exports are lower so far in August after a complete halt in flows from Fujairah’s offshore terminals because of widespread flooding
16 minutes ago
The Rhine River is set to shrivel to a crucial level that could upend the trade of fuels throughout Europe, with the effects potentially rippling through the continent for months
13 minutes ago
The dangerous job of sneaking Western aid deep into Myanmar: “We’re just trying to help people, but to do that we have to be tricky, creative, and risk our lives.”
28 minutes ago
“We’ve never seen a property market slowdown of this size and severity.” China’s housing bubble has burst, and the world’s second-largest economy will likely feel the effects for years.
58 minutes ago
In June, the FBI asked for a stronger lock to be installed on the door of a Mar-a-Lago storage room holding government records. Then, things soured between the FBI and the Trump team.
1 hour ago
The U.S. is worried it will lose its scientific edge to China.

By one new measure, it already has.
2 hours ago
📉 Hong Kong's population dropped 1.6% over the last year, according to government data released today. Hong Kong government officials cite COVID as a likely reason for the decline.
2 hours ago
🛫 Ryanair's CEO says the airline’s average fare will likely rise from €40 to around €50 (around $52) over the next five years.
3 hours ago
Abortion bans will wipe out decades of economic progress in the US
4 hours ago
Neom, MBS's $500 billion futuristic mega-project in the desert, is supposed to be a showpiece for Saudi Arabia. But current and former employees, as well as internal documents, say the project is plagued by setbacks
5 hours ago
Big Tech is spending lots of money to make antitrust reform seem scary
3 days ago
China’s chip charge is being led by a brilliant and mercurial Taiwanese engineer legendary in chip-industry circles and barely known outside them: Liang Mong Song
3 days ago
Nvidia said its fiscal second-quarter sales would fall well short of expectations amid a steep drop in gaming revenue
3 days ago
In nearly 75% of college programs tallied in new federal data, men earned more than women soon after graduating—with the same degree. It’s evidence the gender pay gap is there from the start.
47 minutes ago
Rivian said it generated $364 million in revenue from April to June, up from $95 million in the first three months of the year, @nealboudette reports.
1 hour ago
“This year has been unnerving for retirees because it has been a triple whammy — falling stock prices, falling bond prices and high inflation,” said Christine Benz, director of retirement planning at Morningstar.
5 hours ago
An emissions trading program is New Zealand’s most powerful tool to reduce greenhouse gasses.