23 minutes ago
World Athletics upholds ban on Russian athletes ahead of Paris Olympics
2 hours ago
Benjamin Netanyahu vows to press on despite coalition splits over Israeli judicial reform
5 hours ago
Russian accused of evading sanctions escapes house arrest in Italy
8 minutes ago
Last season’s record revenue for Major League Baseball translates into all-time-high valuations for its teams.

See the full list of MLB’S Most Valuable Teams 2023:
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9 minutes ago
This week, the analysts at the Oryx blog identified at least one destroyed T-62, T-72, T-80 and T-90. The T-62 is the oldest Russian tank type in the Ukraine war. The T-90 is the newest.
14 minutes ago
A scion of Malaysia’s richest family, Kuok Meng Ru transformed his love of classic rock and blues into a music empire. Looking ahead, his music production app BandLab aims to help everyone create songs for free.
28 minutes ago
UBS races to seal Credit Suisse deal as soon as late April, sources say ReutersBiz photo
42 minutes ago
Explainer: Credit Suisse bondholders seek legal advice on AT1 wipe-out ReutersBiz photo
5 minutes ago
TikTok CEO Shou Chew's testimony before Congress didn't go well, Bloomberg's @alexbarinka explains.

The leader of the popular social media app took the stand in front of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Thursday. Here are the key takeaways
9 minutes ago
Bloomberg assembled a group of business titans to fill out NCAA March Madness brackets and put up money for charity. Who will win?
17 minutes ago
Both parties may end up with presidential candidates who campaign against TikTok even as they spend heavily to be on it, but @JuliannaGoldman notes that it will be more uncomfortable for Democrats via @opinion
9 minutes ago
Oreos are one of the most well-known cookies in the world, with around 40 billion produced each year. A food scientist breaks down the ingredients inside the “creme”-filled cookie.
19 minutes ago
Ernst & Young’s renegade U.S. auditors are demanding that the new audit-focused firm have more of EY’s lucrative tax practice, threatening to scuttle the deal
28 minutes ago
Traveling can play havoc with our efforts to stay fit, healthy and well-rested. Don't leave home without this survival kit of expert-approved essentials.
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To get Blue Verified for $7/month, sign up via web browser at
2 days ago
Tesla Powerwall enables your home to operate normally during a power outage
8 minutes ago
Texas has a higher effective state and local tax rate for a median U.S. household at 12.73% than California’s 8.97%.
24 minutes ago
Adult entertainment is not generally seen as a common investment vehicle for a private equity firm.
46 minutes ago
Jane Fraser dismissed speculation the sector could see a repeat of the 2008 global financial meltdown.
34 minutes ago
LATEST: Jack Dorsey’s fortune plunges by $526 million after Hindenburg’s short-seller attack on Block
1 hour ago
Most companies don’t take steps to keep their bank accounts safe. Here’s why and how they should
2 hours ago
Elon Musk’s global empire has made him extremely powerful — and a major headache for Washington
2 days ago
The hard seltzer White Claw brand is launching a line of straight and flavored vodka, as well as canned cocktails, in an expansion into spirits
2 weeks ago
Paramount Global is exploring a sale of a majority stake of BET Media Group, which includes the cable channels BET and VH1
3 weeks ago
Some McDonald's locations aren't promoting the chain's new Cardi B and Offset meal, franchisees say, and some restaurant owners have raised concerns about such celebrity collaborations
18 minutes ago
Andy Byford, the beloved former head of New York City’s subways, is returning to the United States — this time with Amtrak.
56 minutes ago
The new Utah law, which bars social networks from allowing people under 18 to have accounts without a parent’s permission, may come as welcome news to some families even as it raises privacy concerns.
3 hours ago
The answer could be key to addressing questions about TikTok and whether ByteDance could give the app’s data on American users to Chinese authorities. Those concerns have given rise to calls to ban TikTok and have ByteDance sell the app to American owners.